Your Collaborator #1

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I’m a firm believer in better creativity through practice.

Take the scenario I give you and write a scene in the comment section

A man is sitting down on a park bench eating lunch when the Angel of death sits down next to him on his right side, and the Grim Reaper sits down on his left. Both characters also take out lunch bags/boxes.

Make sure to describe the characters, and give them dialog.



Excerpt #1

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The following excerpt is the intro to the first book of the series:

What is beyond this eternal darkness?

I asked my self while sitting alone. The room was dim; a product of an overcast day. I could barely hold myself together, gripping in my finger tips the last bit of my sanity. A null and hollow world was undoing me, and yet it didn’t seem real; none of it seemed real at all. Perhaps it was madness that took me; perhaps delusion was beginning to get the better of me; but as I stare into the darkness of my room, a faint memory returns: not mine, but that of someone else. A life clouded and enveloped; a life of shadows.

Listen if you will to this story of a completely different world, a world long forgotten, from the oldest text, the oldest tongue. Not spoken by man. It was before the beginning, before Adam, before the time of man when the Earth was fresh lived a world some believe only to be a myth.

Thriving cities, empires and citadels the most beautiful of all Salem where the council of the archangels met to discuss the coming and going of life.

Yet even in this wonderful place, wickedness had its roots.

The citizens of this world were all born as twins. Their life threads would divide, between the luminaires who reflected the light around them, and the nocturnals whose body were covered in a shadow.

I’m writing a book

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Hello there,

My name is Dustin Smith and I’m writing a series called Life of Shadows. I’ve been working on it for over 10 years now (1999). The book began as delusions and hallucination; from this I crafted characters and developed a world for them to live in.

It’s one part inspiration, two parts therapy.

I’ll keep you up dated with the progress
-Dustin Smith