Your Collaborator #2

Take two separate open domain characters of different origins and switch their worlds

1. Tom Sawyer

2. Dracula

3. King Arthur

4. Robin Rood

5. The Wolf Man

6. Frankenstein

7. Captian Nemo

8. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

How does the characters and stories change with a switch. Take for instance switching Dracula and Robin hood.

1. Dracula and his merry Men must rescue England from the evil Prince John. Of course Dracula doesn’t care about saving England he just wants to defeat John so he can have his curse lifted and die.

2. Robin of Locksley returns to England from the crusades changed forever after a chance encounter with a strange prisoner in a Turkish dungeon. Robin soon finds he has strange powers and a thirst for blood; haunted by this he must hide from both the Sheriff of Nottingham and Church officials who want him dead

Or Frankenstein and King Arthur

1. Desperate to have a heir to the throne Arthur uses magic to create a “son” from inanimate objects. At first the new prince is harmless, but as the people of Camelot mistreat him he grows violent until Arthur is forced to destroy him

2. Captured by Royal English authories Dr. Frankenstein is forced to reanimate the King of England using spare parts of the royal family -after an attack of some kind that is.

The beauty of this exercise is that it doesn’t need to be the specific characters, it can be their archetype’s. By plying the archtype of one story into the backdrop of another you force an orginal concept to grow

Brain storm and comment below



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