Progress Jan,04 2011

So far the book is coming well.

I’ve been reading a book called Evil: a Primer, it deals with the philosophical and historical aspects of evil.

Which precedes the other Evil acts, or evil motivation?

Some times villains commit evil acts without evil motivation. Large groups often hide behind central figures to justify their actions

“We were just following orders”

“Doing the will of someone else”

Last night I skipped the revisions for a bit and added new material.
I’ve been hinting at a society called “The Order of Illumination” a group that is secretly working to reshape the world into a “perfect” place

I’ll be adding more material involving the order in my revisions. I expect them to be central figures in the coming work


2 Responses to “Progress Jan,04 2011”

  1. So how many parts to do you think you’ll do for your story? Or will you keep going until there is nothing left to write about?

  2. There are three major parts to his life. I’m not sure how many books it will take to cover all three sections but I plan to go till the end.

    Once wrapped up I plan to open the Milieu, concepts, and history for public domain.

    I want to share my creation with the world; I’m actually leaving gaps in the timeline so that others will be able to fill them.

    If you listened to the audio excerpt there is a point where the narrator says “Fan fiction age 1”, that was my first openly historical gap.

    I’ve also got characters that reference back stories so they can be written about as well

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